I love watching fireworks and take pictures of them. When you know how to proceed it is easy and you need to practice practice and practise but it can be fun.

Actually, there are few ways to do it but each photographer uses diversified settings according to what you are comfortable with.

As for me, I play with the aperture from f8 to f22 depending if they are brighter or not, you can change along the way. Also, I set the speed to ” bulb ” it is a manual mode so you can click manually ( around 10 -15 sec ) and stop whenever you feel it is time.

Settings for me:

  • Manual Mode
  • ISO – 100 or 200 ( depending on if the place is dark )
  • f8 to start – f18    ( up to you )
  • Bulb Mode for me ( easier to control the timing )
  • Using a tripod is essential – NO FLASH
Guideline you can use to start.
Fireworks from Italy, Montreal!
Fireworks from Italy, Montreal!

In conclusion, you can use the method that suits you best. There are no right or wrong settings, however, it is easier when you become comfortable with your way and have success with it.

Like in business, there are always different ways to do things but in the end, this is the result that counts. In the entrepreneur club that I belong to, we have people from many businesses and people have their own way to work and that is fine.

On Oct. 5th, we are hosting a 5-day complimentary free challenge ( 1 1/2 hr. a day )that is open to all people who want to start a business or they have one and want to bring it to the next level.

Or if you know somebody who might benefit from you can share the link

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Happy fireworks and week,

Gaétane Ferland

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