There are several ways to start an online business. You could do freelance work online, be an amazon reseller, an affiliate marketer, or a distributor in the networking industry. 

All of these have pros and cons but I recommend being a distributor in the networking industry.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Low cost to get started
If you compare to the regular franchises they have a high price to start even over $50,000 dollars.
2. Small learning curve
Every day you learn something new and how to speak to people and make new relationships.

3. Product research and development is handled by the supplier
You don’t have to take care of it the supplier does their researches
and makes sure the products are top notch.

4. Shipping and fulfillment are handled by the supplier
Less work to do for us.

5. You can earn residual income
With this business, you can earn residual income as opposed as a regular job does. It is like a singer when they sell their albums they earn royalties each time and it is the same for network marketers.

6. You get to meet and work with some great people
You can make new friends forever this is the beauty of it.

7. Most companies have great incentive plans
Last but not least, Most of the companies have great incentives to keep people motivated to move forward and faster. 

Whatever business you are going to choose is going to be the best for you. The most important is to love what we do and have fun.

Have a wonderful day,

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