Why do people still keep business cards? A business card can be your secret weapon when marketing yourself. It helps you to have your business in mind everywhere you go.

When you hand out a business card, you promote yourself by giving a little brochure regarding your business without sometimes realizing it.

This is a way to build a network and create curiosity.

Dr. Lynella Grant, the author of The Business Card Book, gives eight reasons

why people usually keep business cards:

  1. As a link to a potential customer or client
  2. As a link to a resource or as a supplier
  3. As a link to a colleague
  4. For social – non-business reasons
  5. To use for reffing business ( to pass on to someone else )
  6. To update information
  7. Reluctance to part with it because ” you never know.”
  8. Because of something likable, unusual or useful about the person or the card

In conclusion, business cards are still relevant today because they allow you to let some bread crumbs along the way so people can remember you and your business.

People have an extensive and long-term business and are known; their clients do the advertisement and don’t need much.

But I would say for stores it is good because it gives you the chance to keep the address and name of the company so that you can go back.

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