I have always liked listening to music, pop, jazz, and particularly classical music, It is my favourite. It makes me vibrate, relax, and calm my mind and brings me to a state of well-being. Classical music is the music for the soul.

There are different types of instruments; piano, woodwind, strings, and percussion. I would say that I like most instruments but my favourite ones are strings because they make my soul sings.

For instance, violin, guitar, cello, bass, harp, and more; the harp makes me feel like listening to a fairy tale, the bass gives you a mysterious story effect, the cello has a profound and mysterious sound as well.

The guitar is the only instrument that does not resonate with me, It is likely because I don’t like country music which is more associated with a guitar in particular. However, my father used to love guitar and country music. He was watching my younger sister playing guitar with her friend while they were taking lessons.

The last string instrument but not least which is the violin is my number one, I just love it It makes my soul sings and makes me shivering when I hear it. A few years ago I decided to take violin lessons but unfortunately, I am not consistent and don’t play regularly because of my workload.

But I have to admit that I am pretty good and have a good ear for music. Each time I hear it I have goosebumps and It makes me happy. Also, It is not the easiest instrument to learn because of the position but very rewarding and fun.

Moreover, I do remember when my teacher told me about the flat and sharp signs, I thoughts that they were kind of decoration !!!!!! Not quite what it is, you would say but I did not know the language of music at the time.

Besides, It has a good effect on your brain because you work other parts of it and stimulates a new network in your brain and helps to activate and conserves your memory longer.

Personally, I found that listening to music when you know how to play makes it much interesting because you know what is a waltz, jazz etc. You know the principles, for example, songs in Major or Minor, what does that mean? As you learn you see the puzzle pieces coming together as you learn your instrument.

One other instrument that I would like to learn is the clarinet a woodwind instrument, It sounds interesting to learn because it involves breathing and your mouth, a different experience to touch and feel.

What is your favourite instrument and why?

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