Sometimes you get up and don’t know what pictures to take of and we go randomly without knowing.

On a sunny day, the sky is a beautiful subject!

Think about the weather!

Is it sunny or cloudy? A fact that you can consider before going out. You have more opportunities on a sunny day, landscapes, buildings, close-ups, animals etc….

You take the whole pumpkin, first!
Then, you take a close-up! Good to take on a cloudy day!

However, on a cloudy day, it might be more difficult to take landscapes with a white sky because the sky is going to be washed out and overexposed.

That’s where it becomes handy to have something specific to take photos of.

 The method that I like using is a specific theme such as colours; yellow objects, cars or whatever is yellow. It could be frescos, red flowers etc.

Yellow blur theme!
Yellow flower!

You can do that on a sunny or cloudy day but It particularly great when it is cloudy.

 Use your imagination to find a theme because it is more fun and go with friends that share your passion.

The garden of light in Montreal!

Enjoy your photography day!

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