Certain plant extracts have been known to encourage interferon production naturally. Interferons are crucial for immunity because they provide the body signals in case of invasions like viruses, bacteria, and malignant growths.

They also play a part in mediating the release of killer cells in the immune system, which travel to an infected area and literally eat harmful material and microorganisms.

When buying an immune-boosting supplement, look for the following plant extracts:

1. Pumpkin seed
Stimulates the production of natural interferons in our body to fight free radicals and cancer-causing factors

2. Safflower flower extract –
Produces macrophage and strengthens its ability to destroy viruses and germs

3. Asian plantain seed –
Contains polysaccharide, which activates the overall immune cells

4. Japanese honeysuckle flower –
Fights the intrusion of viruses and germs

In conclusion, it is good to do our due diligence before buying supplements because we can easily get lost in the possibilities that are in front of us with different companies.

Be sure you choose the best for you and your family.

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