Here are 3 benefits of stretching exercises on a daily basis and before doing any sports.

1 . Improve and maintain a greater quality of life.

2 . Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility and more…..

3 . Improve circulation and movement.

Do you like stretching every day? Many years ago, I was doing sports such as riding my bike, swimming and cross country skiing but I never thought that stretching was so important and they did not talk too much about it at the time.

In 2002, after I came back from Vancouver to Montreal, I used to be very stressed and looking for career change. One morning while doing my yoga practice, I had a flash and decided that I was going to take a massage course.

Before registering for the class I booked a session with the massage teacher and find out about it. However, I had a concern, because I had pain in my hands and I did not know If I could make it.

Here was the answer of the teacher; If you do the stretches that I am showing you-you will be fine. But, before it gets better it will get worse because your muscles are not accustomed to being stretched. 3 weeks later I had improved a lot and could take the class.

One year after graduating, I took a 4 day-stretching workshop for trainers and therapists in Montreal by Aaron L. Mattes from Florida. We stretched almost all muscles in our body.After the first day, I was feeling exhausted but feeling very good.

As we were going through the days I was feeling more energised and not fatigued anymore. To me, It has been an unbelievable and amazing body-mind experience. Moreover, It was a lifesaver for me.

Now, enough talking and let’s get practical. I want to show you 3 stretches that you can start with.

1 . Your hands, sometimes you don’t think that your hands are
important but they are. The finger stretch.


2 . Your back, you all know people who have back problems, very common complaint. It is called;
leg pelvic stretch tilt with one or both legs.

One  leg



Two legs
3 . Your jaw commonly called TMJ stretch It is called;
temporomandibular joint stretch.

 The Digastric muscle

Video on how to stretch your jaw ( TMJ )Enjoy!

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Here is a video
that I made to show you how to stretch your TMJ!
PLEASE share it with people who might need it.

For more Info on the manual entitled;  Specific Stretching For Everyone  

These 3 benefits are extremely crucial if you want to live a fulfil life, be active, moving, and be able to enjoy your grandchildren. I cannot emphasise enough to stretch every day from birth to dead.
Also, to complement I take some muti-vitamins and a supplement to keep my bones healthy.

As they use to say; you don’t use it you lose it! You have the choice to feel good or not.
I hope that you will enjoy stretching as much as I do and start to incorporate into your daily routine.

Let’s talk about it!

To your stretching! Enjoy!  Please, don’t forget to leave a comment!  I would like to hear from you.