I know as a freelance photographer, that some people have misconceptions about what is photography. They circulate false ideas about what it can be.
I gathered the 5 most common myths or misconceptions about photography.

 1- Photography is easy

Many times I hear people saying: ” It is so easy to take a picture with my phone or camera. ” They don’t realize that there are many components involved in taking a picture ( more difficult than a selfie ). It’s an art. It requires skill and experience to make a photo appealing. Also, you must understand the lighting, composition, and many variables coming your way.

2- Your camera takes pictures!

How often people are telling you ” your camera takes great pictures. ” No, it does not. I take great pictures. My camera is a tool that allows me to show my talent and skills to execute my ability.

Even if you have a low-budget camera that doesn’t mean that your photos will be bad actually, your photos can be pretty good. The most important piece of the puzzle is the person behind the camera who is the clue.

3- Nikon is better than Canon

It is like saying that apples are better than grapefruits. Both cameras are excellent cameras. However, you might be attracted to one or the other, and you prefer one model and it is more suitable for you but not for others. Because each camera has its specificities regarding colours etc. But it is up to us to decide what is best for our needs.

4- I am too old to learn it.

We are never too old to learn a new skill if you have a desire to do it,  just go for it. It might have been something that you wanted to do but you did not have the opportunity to make it happen. This is your day.

As for me, it was a natural talent that I always had. I was around 14 years old when I started with a very basic camera and still doing it today. Also, I love what we can do with the digital camera, and darkroom, you can unleash your wild creativity as much as you want.

5- It is better to take black-and-white pictures.

Some people are saying that black-and-white photos are better to make them more professional. It depends on how it has been executed. However, I found some photographs have more impact in black-and-white but it does not mean they are superior.

Actually, it gives us a wider range of opportunities that you can choose from. It is a personal choice. In the end, either you choose black-and-white or colour pictures you can make them beautiful.

In conclusion, if you want to start taking photos don’t listen, people who tell you that it is not for you, you say thank you and go for it. We are never too old to learn a new skill and will make you happier.

Enjoy your day!

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