We can find shea butter in some beauty products. Personally, I am using it on my lips as a cream.

Shea butter is a natural product that is said to be moisturizing and thought to contain nutrients to help heal skin and improve its appearance. Unsurprisingly, this is a popular choice for treating dry, cracked, or aging lips.

The lip balm that contains shea butter is a good option for improving the health of the lips.

It is most commonly used to heal and moisturize sunburned, dry or cracked lips, as it is said to bear anti-inflammatory properties and is easily absorbed into the skin.

Though it is often used to heal chapped lips, many feel it can also help prevent dry lips because it creates a moisture barrier.

Shea butter and Coconut oil are excellent for your skin, and I can use them for massage.

Ultimately, we must do our due diligence and find out for ourselves.

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Have a wonderful moisturizing day!

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