I am in Montreal, Qc. Canada, and every year in July, we have an event called: ” International des Feux Loto-Québec ” This is a contest with a few countries participating. That was before the pandemic in 2019.

They show us a show with fireworks, themes, and music and we have the chance to see what they can do, and in the end, we know who comes first, second, and third place also it is fun to watch with your family and friends.

I love those fireworks because of the proximity to see them at the Ronde, so we see them from the top and bottom, which are beautiful and colourful.

Featured image: From Canada – 1 first walk on the moon!

Enjoy the fireworks from the Australia team, which was: Shapeshifter
they came in 2-second place.
3rd. place: USA team – The Spirit of jungle
1 first place: Portugal team – Stay Tuned

4.4 sec. at f/20-Iso 100 Australia
6.5 sec. at f/22, iso 100 Australia
5.2 sec. at f/22, Iso 100 Australia
3.9 sec. at f/10, Iso 100 USA – Spirit Of Jungle – 3rd place
1/125 sec. at f/3.5, Iso 3200 Portugal – Stay Tuned – 1 first place
La Ronde – Montreal, Quebec, is holding the fireworks.

Please, I would love to hear from you,

Enjoy the visual show. I hope you like it!

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