Running is not for everyone, however, It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. You can do a brisk walk, jogging, be running, or be enjoying the scenery walking, whatever suits you is the best.

1. Breathing – Running makes your lungs and bronchi stronger

2. Mental – Running makes you feel happier

3. Immune System – Runners suffer from minor illnesses

4. Heart – Running prevents high blood pressure and makes your heart and arteries stronger and healthier

5. Bones – Running strengthens your bones and increases bone density

6. Weight loss – You burn up to 705-865 calories in an hour while running

7. Personal control – Running increases your confidence and grants you greater over your life

8. Joints – Running increases joint strength and reduces chances of injuries to your ankles, hips, and knees

Make sure that we hydrate well and have enough nutrients in our diet or add some supplements as needed and enjoy your activity in moderation.

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