Sometimes it is more difficult to achieve our goals because we are not taking action on a regular basis. It could be a gym, in your business anything in your life that you want to change.

A while back, I decided to do some exercises, especially for my arms because I was not strong enough.  While the teacher was asking to do a cobra pose in which you have to hold your arms straight I did not the strength it was hard to lift up my trunk.

Then I started to do the exercise every day and wait until I got a result. However, the little change that occurs is often not visible for a long time but in the end, It paid off. After many months of practice one morning I could do it I was pleased that I persisted in repeating it every day the exercise.

And it is the same thing in any project or business that we start, one step at a time will bring you where you want to go but it takes time and patience to get there.

This technique is called  ” The Slight Edge ”  by Jeff Olson( book ) he is describing the process of how to succeed in our life. As he is saying; our philosophy creates our attitude, our actions, our results and it creates our life.

Like my exercises, they were easy to do but also easy not to do because we have always some excuses but in the end, we don’t do it.

Some tips:

1. Show up ( this is the first step )
2. Be consistent ( show up every day gives good result )
3. Have a good attitude ( the right attitude will make a huge difference ( be positive about what you are doing.
4. Be committed for a long period of time and keep going.
5. Have faith & a burning desire ( a burning desire will have you to get going on your goal )
6. Be willing to pay the price ( If we want to achieve our goal we need to stick to what we have to do to get results.
7. Practice Integrity ( what we have said that we are going to do we do it even If nobody is watching.

In the end, It always pays off to be showing up, consistent, patient even if the results are invisible at the beginning but believe It will happen and It will.

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