Swimming is one of my favourite activities in the summer and indoor as well during the whole year. I love swimming since I was a child and have almost drowned at the age of 18 months but still swimming.

You have few benefits of swimming as follows:

– Feeling good while your body is touching the water.
– Being in weightless conditions allows your body to relax.
– Keep your heart rate up, build endurance, muscle strength, and heart fitness.
– Maintain a healthy heart, weight, and lungs.
– It is fun, swimming is a good way to keep fit and make friends at the same time.
– Swimming is good for all range of ages it has many physical and mental health benefits.
– At the same time make sure you swim in a safe environment and you learn how to swim.

What I like about swimming is, it helps me to stretch and keep moving. While doing the crawl stroke that helps to prevent frozen shoulders which is a very common complaint.

Doing rotation of the shoulders every day prevents you from having frozen shoulders as children are doing so well while playing.

Enjoy your favourite activity and have fun, this is what is the most important, having fun with friends and family
while keeping yourself healthy. Physical activity is very important to keep up with your business. Because without your health you don’t have a business.

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Have  a wonderful week,

Gaétane Ferland

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