Nowadays, we are using a digital camera and It has certainly changed our lives forever. I do remember when I had my Minolta 35mm camera that I used for many years and the camera was still excellent even after those years.

Today, with digital It changes like lightening meaning after 3 years people consider that your camera is outdated and this so true. Especially If you are using software such as Lightroom and Photoshop which are changing every few months.

For instance, when I bought my camera last year I ought to change that 2 software because it wasn’t running on my new camera I could not believe it. In addition, we need to buy a new computer after around 5 years so that they are all updated together.

Today, I would like to show you some pictures that I had made some modifications to add some creativity which I love to do. Some people told me that they don’t like to modify their photos because It is not natural according to them but I don’t agree.

Actually, It is showing your creativity and adding beauty to it. However, I do understand that people have different tastes and that is fine with me.

This is the original picture. No changes added
Transformation in Black and White! Which can give a beautiful effect!
I applied a Lightroom preset and you can add anyone you want. This one is an aged photo! It gives a special result!
I did change the hue and saturation in Split Toning in the Development module in Lightroom!

In the end, we are the one who decides what is beautiful or not because not everyone will like what we do however the most meaningful to you is that you love your pictures. If people like your pictures it is a most if not, not the end of the world!

Enjoy taking pictures and HAVE  FUN!

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