Here are some helpful tips to prevent mealtime battles and help your child eat a balanced diet.
We have to face this problem with our kids, and it is not easy to deal with cries and fights during meals.

1. If your child isn’t hungry, don’t force a meal or a snack.
Do not bribe your child to eat certain foods or to clean his plate. 

2. Follow a regular schedule for meals and snacks.
Even if your child skips meals, you can offer nutritious foods during snack time.
3. Introduce new food with your child’s favourite foods to increase acceptance.
Serve veggies with a favourite soup, for example. 

4. Make it fun and be creative.
Cut the food into unusual shapes or using a cookie cutter.
Serve veggies with a favourite dip or sauce, or create a food collage. 

5. Get your kids involved with meal preparation
– from grocery shopping to rinsing veggies and setting the table.
They’d be more willing to eat something they helped make.

At some point, creativity is an asset if we want children to eat new foods and have some fun at the same time. It takes time to be creative and fun at the same time.

I would love to hear your tips about it!

Have a wonderful week,


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