How to boost our brain naturally and make sure we have all the nutrients that will help to keep our brains healthier and sharper.

Here are some nutrients that might contribute to a better strong brain for adults and children.

1. Berries
Blueberries and strawberries have remarkably strong antioxidant power and have been shown to protect your memory as you grow older.

2. Olive Oil
Your brain is about 60% fat and fatty acids are among the most crucial to help your brain perform. A diet supplemented by extra virgin olive oil will supply your brain with the fats it needs for better reasoning and problem-solving.

3. Walnuts
Alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 unique to walnuts, helps fight depression and mental illness. A handful of walnuts each day can significantly boost learning ability.

4. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate boosts the function of neurons in the brain and improves your ability to keep memories intact.

5. Water
Proper fluid balance allows for your body’s most critical communications to flow smoothly. Dehydration can manifest in the brain as mental and emotional imbalances.

6. Fish
Fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna contain healthy fats that help the brain’s neurons communicate more effectively, form memories and support high-level thinking.

To conclude, whatever you can take to improve your brain, in the long run, will certainly help to develop your children brain health and keep adults sharper brains and being able to enjoy life longer.

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