How many of us like to sell? It shows that 95% of people don’t like to sell they even say they hate selling so why should we chase them. You can find a way to sell your products without selling.

However, in reality, life is selling; you ask your parents to go to see a specific movie so this is selling, you want to go to a new restaurant with your friends so you have to convince them to come with you so this is also selling but you don’t realise it. Our life is learning how to sell ourselves, and this is the key to be successful.

There are some ways to build a network of products distribution with your team by using a simple 3-step system rather than only specializing in direct sales.

You can find your business partners in the Social Medias ads, by word-of-mouth, newspapers ads, giving out your business cards with your website, and so on.

Of course, you will find products only clients along the way as well.

When you have attracted few people you guide and teach them through the 3- step system so that they are informed before making any decision to join you.

Because very often network marketers are doing pushing sales instead of informing people which makes a tremendous difference.

In addition, It allows the members of your team to know what to do next, they don’t feel alone in the process because they find support along the way. The system is easy to follow and everyone can do it. What you need is a telephone, a computer, and an internet connection.

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