I have been shooting since I was 14 years old and have never stopped ever since.
 Photography has always fascinated me with all the tools and cameras you can use.

Today, I want to give you some tips on how to take pictures during the day, especially on a cloudy or rainy day. There are the best moments to capture shots.

Botanical Garden, Montreal.

Choose the day.

Isn’t it a sunny or cloudy day? On a sunny day, the best time to take pictures is before 10:00 am and after 14:00 pm, otherwise, the sun is too harsh and direct and wash out your pics. 

However, don’t stop yourself doing it. You can still adjust your camera settings and do post-processing after.

Orchid, Botanical Garden, Montreal.

Or you can shoot flowers close-ups in the shade and make sure you have your built-in flash on if necessary, but add a white pellicle in front of the flash so that It decreases the harshness of the light or If you have a built-external flash you can direct the light, It is the best choice.

On a cloudy day, where the sky is white, it is not a great day to take pictures of the sky in it because It will be overexposed. What I usually do is, I take a picture without the sky, It could be a building or just a part of it and anything you find interesting.

 However, you can enhance your sky in Photoshop if you are using this interesting software for photography.

Fresco, Downtown, Montreal.

But If you are an early bird, you can take pictures of sunrises and sunsets, they are beautiful and fun to do and dawn & dust are the best hours to shoot If possible. One tool to have is the tripod because the sun is going down and the speed is low.

Sunrise, Montreal, Canada
Sunset, Old Port, Montreal.

Choose a theme.

It makes your life easier when you don’t know what to take pictures of. Also, you challenge yourself to do differently and improve. I like taking pics of frescos on walls and they are gorgeous to look at. You take some parts of it because it is somebody else’s projects you are not the author. If you take the whole pic don’t share it keep it for you, It is copyrighted.

Shooting with friends makes it fun.

When you are taking pictures I like to do it with my friend’s photographers because they have the same passion as I have and It is more enjoyable. Because sometimes it can be a nightmare If you go with a family member or friends that they don’t have any interest in photography. You know what I mean: “ Are you finished yet? ” As my sister used to tell me when I take a family portrait.

Photography Clubs.

If you don’t know anything about photography you can join a club in your area and they will teach you and enjoy making good photos. You can take some tutorials on the web to learn by yourself and faster as well.

Please, leave a comment or ask me a question!

Enjoy your day,


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