Nowadays, we all know all we are surrounded by many chemicals in our households and in the environment. It is not surprising that we have health issues in this present case of our hair.

Also, we blame our age and whatever it is we think is the challenge.

Have you noticed lately that your hair is now thinner than it used to be? Often, we blame it on ageing, styling products or genes, but really, the problem may actually be right under your nose.

Your shampoo!

See if you can spot these other hair-thinning culprits in your shampoo label.

1. Foaming agents like sodium Laureth sulphates (SLS)

2. Thickening agents such as sodium chloride and polyethylene glycol (PEG or polyethylene)

3. Synthetic preservatives such as man-made parabens, formaldehyde

4. Man-made moisturizers and synthetic oils like petroleum, mineral oil and lanolin

5. Alcohols

6. Artificial fragrances and dyes usually listed as FD&C or D&C, followed by a number

In the end, you want to buy products which will not be harmful to your health and hair.

Have a wonderful week,


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