Have you ever thought about learning a second, third language? I like learning a new language I think It is fascinating to learn how people think and behave.

And learning a new language helps you to understand the culture of the country by being able to talk to them otherwise you are missing something.

Although I am not the fastest learner regarding learning the language I love learning English and its many interesting facets. However, it is not easy to familiarize yourself at the beginning.

For instance, I was understanding what they were saying but the words did not stick in my mind. It is like babies when they start learning, you need to build up your vocabulary first. Sometimes you feel hopeless and desperate you think that you will never get it.

As for me, after learning grammar, speaking, I began the reading part. I found that reading helped me to put the puzzle together meaning I could relate the reading and grammar because they are tied up together.

After beginning the writing at the same time, It starts flowing altogether. But there is one aspect which is more difficult for me, is the use of prepositions you have so many to learn. Now, I am getting better and less mixed up.

Here we go, in and out – over and under – through and between – behind and on and so on……….. Even though it does not come always naturally all the time I love learning all aspects of the language even PREPOSITIONS!

To conclude, learning a new language is very good for your brain and keeps it in top shape as we get older, before getting under!!!!!!! In addition, you connect with new people around the world and share with them, this is the best part of it.

Have fun and learn!

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