Sometimes, we are tired and with symptoms associated with a few disorders or diseases, it can be hard to sort this out.

Here are a few signs of nutrients deficiency:

1. Poor Night Vision – Vitamin A, known as retinol, is essential for promoting good vision and overall eye health.

2. Cracks at the Corners of the Mouth – This is due to the insufficient amount of zinc, iron and vitamin B12.

3. Sores or Discoloration of the Mouth and Tongue – Water-soluble B-vitamins are not stored in the body so we have to constantly replenish them to maintain the health of the mouth and tongue.

4. Weak, Spotted or Ridged NailsZinc serves an important role in cell division and growth.

5. Poor Blood Clotting – Lack of Vitamin K can result in bruising, frequent nosebleeds and brittle bones.

6. Weak Muscle and BonesVitamin D is an essential nutrient for the growth, health and maintenance of the structural system. Deficiency in this vitamin, in advance cases, can cause rickets (for children) or osteomalacia (for adults).

7. Frequent Cramps in the Lower LegsMagnesium, Calcium and Potassium support proper muscle development and growth. Lack of these important nutrients can cause persistent discomfort in the feet, calves and back of the leg.

In the end, we have to make sure that we eat good healthy foods and if necessary, take some vitamin supplements to complement our diet.

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