I  don’t know If you are like me sometimes I like to be guided regarding choosing one supplement or another. With this assessment that Shaklee had developed, it helps us to have a global idea of what we can take or not and I think that it is a good way to start the new year.

It is based on valuable researches!

Also, It is up to us to decide if we want to follow the plan but at least It gives you some insights and knowledge then we can sort that out ourselves or ask questions on the assessment.
In addition, It goes with gender because we have different needs either you are a woman or a man it addresses accordingly.

It is a personalized plan only for you!

After taking the questionnaire, you will receive your own results and what corresponds to your condition and what supplements to choose from or redirect your activities to do. Of course, it is on a voluntary basis.

To conclude, I wanted to let you know that the assessment is free of charge.

Feel free to ask questions If you want I would be happy to answer the questions you may have.

I wish you happiness, prosperity, and good health for 2018!


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