As we all know, each country has its own traditions and how women trait their skin and protect it.

Yarrow root

Aboriginal women in Australia had initially been using yarrow roots. It was used to prevent stretch marks on the skin, but the critical ingredient is moisturizing and renewing the root’s power. Also, it is a natural way to hydrate your skin.

Sand rub

Actually, we are talking about the natural sand on the Brazillian beach. One of their Brazillian keyways is to massage your skin with sand to cleanse out impurities, decompose fat cells, improve circulation, and help rejuvenate the skin. In addition, you can self-massage your face and benefit from it.

Red grape mask

In Chile, women know the power of antioxidants in red grapes. They make their own face mask by crushing a handful of red grapes with 2 tablespoons of flour and spreading the mask for 10 minutes. Wash it away with warm water and see the excellent result on your skin.

Jade roller

It has been used back to seventh-century China. They are still utilized today to reduce facial muscle tension and accelerate wrinkles from appearing. However, If you don’t have the Jade roller?

Jade roller

Not a problem; take an ice cube and rub it over your face for 1 minute. It will help to smooth your complexion and revitalize the skin. Also, you can massage your face with your hands, and it will do precisely the same benefit.

Milk bath

In Egypt, their tradition is to use milk baths. The natural lactic acid in milk may help soften your skin, and the fat in milk has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

Olive oil

Of course, in Greece, olive oil has many benefits such as moisturizing, vitamins A, D, K, and E and naturally, its antioxidant properties will nourish and protect the skin.

Rice-infused water

In Korea, Korean women have passed down the secret for generations. The benefits of using rice water are anti-inflammatory and brightening effects on your skin.


Sweden has many saunas in almost every swimming pool and gym. Saunas are good for relaxation and help detoxify your body from all toxins that come from the pores of your skin while in the sauna.

Also, don’t forget when you come out of the sauna, you need to take a warm shower right away before closing your pores which will prevent washing off the toxins on your skin. On the market, they have a facial steamer with the same beneficial effects.


Today, the famous ingredient that many countries are using is turmeric. In India, they have been using turmeric for centuries in cuisine and skin care. It helps with acne and dark spots and increases your skin’s glowing.

Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with yogurt and honey to make a paste consistency of your choice. Apply on your face for 15 minutes, then wash off and see the beauty of your skin.

In conclusion, whatever we use to protect and improve our skin is a matter of choice, and we can try new ways, as I described above and see for ourselves.

It is undoubtedly worth trying or continuing to use the natural skin products you have and enjoy!

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To your healthy skin!

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