Quick research on herbal remedies or homemade treatments will reveal teas’ importance in curative and preventive health. So you better stock up with these potent yet tasty teas.

Nowadays, we have many opportunities to buy excellent teas in multiple stores we can choose from.

1. Green
Full of antioxidants which strengthen our immune system, preventing and inhibiting asthma, the common cold, heart conditions, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer

2. Ginger
Best for subduing early infections, balancing upset stomachs, breaking fevers, opening up the respiratory system, reducing mucus, enhancing circulation, and preventing motion sickness

3. Cinnamon –
Improves memory, relieves stomach ailments and colds, and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

4. Chai
An excellent all-around tea used for stomach problems, circulation improvement, and super-sizing the immune system

5. Jasmine
It is rich in antioxidants, is known as an aromatic stress reliever, and is sometimes reported to aid weight loss

6. Raspberry Leaf
Promotes female reproductive health – helps shorten labour, reduces symptoms of PMS, and increases fertility. It’s also suitable for gingivitis and gum disease.

7. Peppermint
Calms nausea and vomiting and prevents bad breath

In conclusion, it might be an excellent solution to try taking tea and reducing the intake of coffee and alternate with coffee or any other tisanes. Whatever you like is the best for you.

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