Nutrition is potent, but you don’t think about it. Protein is an essential nutrient and a building block for your body. We can’t survive without protein and all 9  amino acids minerals in a minimal amount.

But are we getting enough protein intake? This is the point today, even in developed countries and poor countries where the increase of diseases and starvation are present.

Symptoms of protein deficiency 

These have been studied by Dr. Richard Brouse with his patients.

– What comes first initially is extreme fatigue or a decrease in your energy levels; this signifies that you might need more protein.

– You observe some weakness and excessive weight loss for no specific reason.

– Brittleness of nails and hands.

– Edema is a medical term for when people have fluid retention in the feet and ankles.

– Hair problems, hair loss, and brittle hair.

-Skin ulcers, dryness, rashes, and flaky skin.

– Slowing down the healing process because of the lack of amino acids required.

– Severe headache and lack of sleep because of low blood sugar.

In the end, you will decide the protein you want and what to take by listening to your body’s needs. Also, some people eat animal protein and love it, that is fine, but others prefer vegetable protein because they don’t like eating meat.

You need to make sure that you have enough protein in your system or add some protein supplements.

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