Do I have a favourite number? Not really, I like some numbers, but I want to make an analogy with specific numbers and dates.

For instance, I was born on 09, my mother has the same date as 09, and my father was 29.
Also, I remember being in grade 9, and we were asked to open a bank account and deposit some money every week, and at the end of the year, there was a draw to win a bicycle.

One day my mom said to me: ” Gaétane, you need to register your bike ” because I had one, but I said to my mom, no, I don’t do it yet because I am going to win the one at school. Guess what, on June 13th …I won, woohoo! t was no doubt I would win, and I saw myself with it.

I like the #13, and I won something else on a 13th, but I can’t recall what it was. Also, I want to look at dates such as 07-07-77, my friend’s birthday, 09-09-09, what a year to be born, 08-08-08 and so on.

For instance, this year, we had; 02-02-2022 what a number to be born, easy to remember.

We can play and associate numbers, but in the end, all numbers are lovely to look at and play with!

In conclusion, numbers are significant, especially in your business; you need to know our numbers, such as how much you want to earn. How many people do I need on my team? How many people do I need to get to the next level, and so on?

When in business, you want to attract customers and business partners to your team, and finding the best way is not always easy.
You need to know your numbers to get where you want to go to reach your goals.

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