Very often in our life, we are celebrating birthdays of our loved ones, friends, cousins, and all personal and work achievements. There is always a way to celebrate and it is a good way to keep your spirit high, going, and as well as your self-esteem.

A positive reinforcement especially when you are a child can make a huge difference to build confidence in them. When I was in grade 6, my teacher told me that I would not be able to be a nurse, I felt very angry for many years. It was not a good way to increase my confidence and self-esteem. And as you all know it is following you up to your adulthood.

Many years had passed even since it happened. A few years ago I took a class in communication and one evening my friend says to me:  ” Gaétane, maybe that teacher had developed your strong determination that you have today. ”

I did not think about it but she was right. Although It was not necessarily a good experience,  I decided to forgive her instead of having resentment and wanted to release that negative emotion from me. Moreover, I was proud of myself because I succeeded to be a nurse despite her say so I was not ready to give up for her.

One thing sometimes we forget is to celebrate our  ” National Country Day “ as for me in Canada is on July 1st. It is reminding us of what people had done for us to be in a free country and enjoy our life in a safe environment without war. So often you take Freedom for granted because you never experienced war in the past.

Today, I am grateful for all the people who made the country It is right now.
Let’s celebrate all small and big achievements because it brings you joy in your life and business.

I am very happy to be in a community of entrepreneurs that are celebrating our success and encouraging in the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I would love to invite you to our 5-day challenge today that can help you in your business and grow.  I did learn a lot about and my business and had transformed my life.

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