Another great way to create leads and maximize engagement is through videos. According to recent research, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.


If you can’t produce your own video content, take advantage of Facebook Lives. One in five Facebook videos is actually a live broadcast. Also, live videos rank higher in the newsfeed.

Here are some impressive stats to help you fine-tune your video strategy -whether you’re using native video, video ads, Story or Live.

– 71% of people have increased their online video viewing

– Facebook-owned 24.5% of all digital video ad spending in 2018

– Marketers spend 20 times as much on TV ads to reach around twice the audience as their Facebook videos

– Mobile-optimized Facebook video lifts brand awareness to 67% percent
– 30% of mobile shoppers say a video is the best medium for discovering new products

– The average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 6.01%

– 150 million people are using Facebook Stories

– Facebook Live broadcast watch times quadrupled in one year

Whether we decide to use video or not, it is always good to take the time to look at all possibilities that all those media have to offer.

Some of the business models are more visual than others. Still, I think that all businesses can profit from using any type of video available on the market, such as your own, youtube, Facebook lives, or story.

Reels are something to consider nowadays; people like SHORT & SWEET are my favourite.

Also, you need to concentrate on your message instead of having one long message; personally, I don’t take the time to read a long one; I want it short. In addition, you can teach a subject and divide it into a few videos or reels; it is excellent.

But, in the end, you choose what you want to do and keep an open mind for new opportunities.

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