When we start a business we need to be in a mental state that we need to achieve our goals, something that I learned from our mentors in my business.

Because, we all know that it takes courage, perseverance, and commitment to go where we want to go in life and in business.

1. First State:  Creative State

This is the state that your energy is very high and you are creative in how you built your business. For instance, you want to advertise your business so that you get results, you get more customers and business partners as well.

By taking action, it will bring you the results that you are looking for and also find more ways to advertise.

 In conclusion, focus, persistence, and focus, persistence is the key to achieve any goals in our life.

2. Second State: Management State

You still have energy in your business but you may still have to play your business around the regular work that you are doing right now which is ok. However, you keep focusing and persevering on your initials goals which are crucial for you to advance.

3. Third State: Excuse State

Finding excuses is very common for human beings, mind you? For example, I use a system for my business and I complain that it is not working but I am not advertising so obviously the system won’t work alone. Using the system properly will allow you to have success but you need to work the system.

Did you see a camera taking pictures when it stands alone on the counter? No, you need a photographer to use the camera otherwise it is useless. So that it is the same as your life and business.

4. Fourth State: Blame State

This is the one that everybody knows about blaming another person we are very good at it. Your business doesn’t bring you customers and business partners so that you may blame the system or the leader who brought you in, and whomever it might be you named them. This is something easy to do but brings you anywhere, do you really want that?

To conclude, what you want to do is to stay in states 1 and 2 and try to avoid states 3 and 4 as much as you can. This is important to be in a creative state if you want to advance in life and in your business.

If you get cut off in state 3 or 4, this is a red light, acknowledge it right away and get out of it ASAP so that you get back on track.
Nothing can be accomplished in state 3 or 4 to achieve your goals. Focus and persevere in state 1 or 2 and you will see your goals unfolding.

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