” The starting point of all achievement ”  by Napoleon Hill. Without any desire, we won’t accomplish our goals. I don’t know If you remember when you were a kid when we wanted something you could do anything to get it, crying, yelling you name it.

You were focussing on your object of desire but as an adult it is the same. Napoleon Hill describes a method that you can use to reach your goals.


We need to definite what we want and the amount of money that we need to have in order to have it. It is very important to add the price because you won’t know which amount you need for your desire. Otherwise, I want a lot of money means what!!!!!


I return, what do I want to do with it.


Write out the amount of money you want to get and the date you want to possess it. That is important so you can visualize it.


Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, whether you are ready or not, and start taking action on your plan. Otherwise, no plan no action, and no achievement.


Write on a piece of paper a clear amount of money and when you want to have it in your possession, and what is my intention to give in return for the money. For instance, you need money to publish your book so that you can share your knowledge with people,  you don’t write it only for you.


Read your written statement aloud, in the morning when you wake up, and before retiring at night. While reading it- see and feel that the money is in your possession. Believe that the money is yours.

In the end, desire comes first without a desire you won’t achieve anything you are just dreaming, it has to be tangible to materialize in your life.

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