As many of us know, people have a hard time differentiating what the difference is between a business and a pyramid scheme. A long time ago I did not know the difference myself.

Also, as we may know the world is a pyramid such as your family you have the parents and the children below and all the generations so that we can say that it is a pyramid, not a Ponzi scheme.

In addition, The government is also a pyramid you have the president at the top and all the other people working for him but it is not a scheme.

Of course, you have those network marketing businesses often called  MLM, (multi-level-marketing). As we choose a business we need to look carefully before choosing the company we want to work for.

Some companies have a financial plan which are favoring the top people to have all the money, but not the people at the bottom which is not so good.

With other companies, you have the choice to make as much money as the people at the top, that is what we are looking for. Everyone has an equal opportunity to earn money If he or she makes some effort to make it work.

In the end, the scheme pyramid, for instance, is somebody who can start a social club and ask people to join him at a cost but he doesn’t offer any products or services, this is considered a pyramid scheme or Ponzi.

However, you might be in a network marketing company that offers good products and everyone has the chance to earn a significant amount of money by building a team. But make sure you do your due diligence before getting involved with the company.

And again, nothing is guaranteed that the company will last many years. Surround yourself with a community that can help you to grow and succeed.

Have a wonderful day!

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