What does freedom mean to you? I think that we can have as many answers for each person we ask. Freedom starts with a state of mind and means different things to everyone. Although you live in a free country you may feel that you are in prison in your own mind.

Because freedom has many aspects that you can look at. For instance, within a family, If you ask your brothers and sisters they may respond in a variety of ways you did not expect they see it.

They are 3 aspects that I want to discuss freedom.

1 – The mental freedom

 All freedom starts in our mind I am free to think the way I want even if some people would ask you to believe in something different, you are allowed to make the decision yourself. You all have that freedom even if sometimes you don’t think you have it.

2 – The freedom in your life and work

 Again, you have the freedom to choose the career of your choice even if your parents influence you in your choice. I may not feel that I have the privilege to make a choice, but it is still a choice even by pleasing someone.

However, at this point, you may feel in prison by making your own choices. To me, it is not the freedom that I am looking for. Also, you need to be aware of what’s happening when you make a decision. It is all about how you feel. The freedom is from the inside.

At work, I feel free when in my business I choose who I want to work with, when, and how much I want to earn, to me, it is freedom.

3 – The financial freedom

Then there is financial freedom that I would say is very important. Some people are saying that money is not everything however without it, you are not doing that much to fulfill your desires or dreams.

There is no virtue to be in poverty If you want to be rich you want to like money otherwise money will go away from you. You deserve to have the life you desire with all the luxury that you wish for whatever it is, it is your right to possess a car, a house, or something that you really like and enjoy in your life.

In the end, you can be free with a little possession or with more, it is up to you to decide what is freedom. I am very happy that I have the power to decide to live, learn, help people to reach a lifestyle of personal freedom.

Also, the freedom in my work will allow me to be able to do philanthropy and share my wealth with people in need. This is the freedom to me and what you feel is from peace inside of each of us.

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To your freedom!




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