I remember when I was a child, we used to eat food from the farms, but it was starting to eat foods from the supermarkets that were emerging in the time in the 60s. We were not asking any further for more information on our diet.

Even then, we relied on doctors to tell us what to eat, and doctors have not been trained in nutrition, only the basics. Also, they were not recommended to add some supplements to our daily meals. I used to hear, ” If you eat correctly, you don’t need supplements, and It is a waste of money “we listened to that over and over!

Later, they discovered chemical fertilizers, becoming very popular even on farms. However, many years later, we realized that they had side effects on our health, such as; allergies, intolerance, environment etc.

What we can do is take charge of our own health and don’t think that all doctors have all solutions because we are the one who lives in our body, the doctor can give us some advice, but we are responsible for our health; the doctor won’t follow us.

Being accountable for our actions and deciding to have better health for our family and us, but It is up to us to make that decision by getting information and researching the subject and make our life healthier, longer, and enjoyable without diseases as much as possible.

Some tips that we can do to improve our health:

1 – Making a decision to change our diet.

Nowadays, soils don’t have enough nutrients and, therefore, food. 2 – Buy foods grown on biological farms as possible and other health stores without processed foods

depleted of nutrients.

3 – Do some research on nutrition so that you can tell your doctor when he recommends a treatment or medicine; it allows you to discuss it with him and make the right choice for you.

4 – Think about introducing some supplements in our diet since we don’t have essential nutrients in our foods today. Look around to find and study the companies up there. They are many to shop around.

5 – We can start to add enough protein to our diet. They are essential amino acids because our body does not fabric them. They are the building blocks; we can’t exist¬†without them; however, we need high-quality protein and essential amino acids from our diet.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful healthy year!


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