Hello Everyone,

This is the time of the year when we take on new resolutions and want to stick to them. It is sometimes hard to do it, but we need to be self-motivated first; then, we can have our friends or a professional help us achieve our goals.

First of all, we need to make a decision; it is the first step; without making a decision, nothing will happen. Also, what do I want to attain? For instance, I decided to eat healthier food this year to feel better. I noticed that when I am stressed, I eat more, not because I am hungry but because I eat my emotions. Each time I eat, I ask myself If I am hungry or because I feel nervous. It is a crucial step; otherwise, you eat without stopping or are comfort food because they have an emotional attachment.

Things that we can do to improve our eating habits.

1 – Ask ourselves If we are hungry before eating.  It is very important before putting anything into your mouth.

2 – Choose the food you are going to eat. Make sure they are healthy choices, not junk food.

3 – If you follow a program to reach your healthy weight, study the company you want to work with. We all know several companies are up there, and we want to be safe using good products.

4 – Personally,  I don’t eat between meals. I do intermittent fasting; it keeps my blood sugar level stable and doesn’t have those cravings. You do whatever works best for you.

5 – Avoid high glycemic index food and eat more fibre and protein, like low-fat protein such as chicken breast and fish.

6 – A good night’s sleep helps us keep control of our satiety and hunger signals; otherwise, it gets confused when we have to stop eating.

Moreover, we need to include in our lifestyle exercises,  strength training,  fortify our cardiovascular, and do various sports that we enjoy doing, yoga, tai chi, swimming, and meditation.

Feel free to check my wellness program.

Happy Valentine’s Day and week!

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