With all the environmental issues and effects of the 2-year pandemic, we start discovering them. It starts showing in many areas of our daily life. We need to be preoccupied with our children’s mental health more than ever.

Lifestyle, activities, foods, mental consequences, and more…
What can we do to increase our child’s mental health?

Here are a few tips:

1. Switch to whole foods
When I was around 10 years old in the 60s, I remember that they started to transform the food that we were eating so that it became easier and faster to have those foods that we were buying from the food stores instead of having vegetables and fruits from our grand-parents gardens without pesticides added. They were natural foods.

2. Reduce/eliminate artificial foods, sweeteners, additives
Now, they add so many sweeteners and other additives to give more flavours to the foods; however, people have developed allergies and intolerance to those. It is important to reduce those sweeteners as much as we can.

3. Pack lunch, not school lunch
Make your own lunch and snacks, so you know what you eat for yourself and your children.

4. Water instead of juice boxes
In our society, we can’t find any juices without adding natural sugar or additives. Because people love sweets, you buy cranberry juice; guess what? People think that cranberry is naturally sweet, but it is bitter. Companies and people must add sweetness; otherwise, people won’t drink it. It is good to try to reduce the intake of sugar slowly.

5. Healthy snacks
Try to have natural snacks with fruits and vegetables or whatever you think is suitable for your children.

6. A clean, non-toxic environment
We need to create a non-toxic environment with natural products as much as possible and avoid all those chemicals surrounding us by carefully reading the labels before buying our cleaning products.

7. Get the kids outside and encourage sports
Play, play, play, and have fun. Encourage them to choose a sport or activity that they like.

8. Reduce media
Reduce computer activity and encourage social activities outside with friends. And show them responsibility regarding social media by respecting their friends and peers.

9. Increase family and social connections
The best way to improve your child’s mental health is to help them to socialize instead of being in front of the TV or the computer.

Keep in touch with your community’s resources regarding the pandemic to help you and your children, if necessary.

Please, I would love to hear from you!

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