Are we reliable in our daily life, in your business, at work, with our family, and friends? This is a quality that I like seeing in people around me. Of course, it is the quality that I practice every day before asking somebody to do so.

Frequently, in my environment especially in my business, or in a group, and friends I noticed that people are not always responsible.

With our friends and family.

I found that people around us had a difficult time to keep their words. For instance, a friend of mine told me that she would email me in 2 days but still be waiting for 3 weeks!!!! What happened?

She thought that I knew that she was sick and somebody would tell me. As far as I know, I am not reading people’s minds, at least not yet! It is not so hard to call or email a short message so that we know.

At work and Business.

It is the same thing. Be precise on what you say that you are going to do. If you are receiving an important email It is imperative that you need to answer within 72 hrs or as soon ASAP. In my opinion, each IMPORTANT message has to be answered, it shows respect and integrity for the person, however, not all emails are crucial to look at your priorities in your day.

In conclusion, knowing yurselves, your priorities, and managing your time can help you in being reliable for what you say. In addition, you need to be accountable for yourselves, find an accountability partner so that they can remind you, what you said you would do. Also, be consistent, respectful of others, and show your integrity.

In my community of entrepreneurs, we are having accountability partners and it helps to stay on track.

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