I met a friend in the building that I was living in before moving in 2013. A lady in her 90’s but living alone in her apartment for over 30 years and she used to love her place.

Even though she was the only one alive in her family all her siblings were gone but she was a lively woman full of energy.

 She was on the 4th floor and I was on the first floor the opposite side of the building, and I remembered hearing somebody playing the organ and it was her but I did not know her at the time. But I thought that it was beautiful and I loved it.

On a warm summer day we were sitting outside with other tenants including her and I started talking to her and telling her that I was playing violin then this is where our relationship began because the music was our common point.

She was playing music since she was 10 years old as for me I was just starting learning violin but was fascinated by what we could learn. A few days later she invited me to come over to her place and we play music together and she was teaching me at the time.

We had a lot of fun and laughed Sometimes, I was calling her and asking; what are you up to? She says with a smile:  guess what!  I am playing the keyboard. She was playing from early morning up to late evening all day long she just enjoyed it so much.

In June 2015, her condition started declining and she was not playing too much which was not a good sign and she never really came back into it. She was saying that she wasn’t feeling strong enough.

Then she had to move to a residence which she wasn’t too happy but she needed to move to a safer place. She told me one day that when she moved her life stopped! I used to visit her once or twice a week, we enjoyed being with each other talking and sometimes playing music or going to the concert.

While visiting her we were often talking and laughing about death and what is going to happen after? We were making some scenarios such as are we going to eat or dance?

Are we going to play music you think Gaétane? Why not! Nobody knows and they don’t come back to tell you.

Also, she was excellent at imitating people and we had a lot of fun. Mid-December, I went to visit her but I found her very sleepy did not talk but still conscious. All of the sudden she says: ” that place is so beautiful I love it ” then she stopped talking and fell asleep again.

It was the last time that I saw her at the residence but I knew that she had one foot in the other dimension when she spoke about that nice place.

Unfortunately on December 19th, 2017 she was conducted to the hospital because she was deteriorating quickly. I saw her the last time on Dec. 21st, 2017 before leaving for Quebec city for Christmas. She died on Dec. 28th, 2017 peacefully overnight.

Today, I certainly miss her presence, laugh, and wisdom but this is what it is we all will go one day.

Personally, our soul is leaving our body when we die but our soul and spirit remain alive, we never die!

Most importantly, it is good to keep a loving relationship with our neighbours, everyone and be able to help each other. After each time I was visiting her she was always thanking me for coming every single time and I was happy to be a part of her life.

Happy friendship!

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