Sometimes it is difficult to come to our regular diet after the holidays and often, we feel guilty. Then, It is not necessary to jump on the scale right away because we know if we have a few extra pounds, just come back to our diet.

Some ways to bounce back:

1. Stop feeling guilty about overeating during the holidays.
Instead, focus on getting back to your healthy habits.

2. Don’t weigh yourself yet.
It will take time for you to shed those extra pounds.

3. Get rid of all the leftovers
that are not part of your healthy eating plan.

4. Go for a nice long walk.
It will help burn off the calories and even out your blood sugar.

5. Sleep it off.
Sleep deprivation has been associated with an increased appetite so make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

6. Go back to your regular eating pattern.
Skipping meals doesn’t help you recover from binge eating. It may even enhance your cravings leading to another binge.

7. Stay hydrated.
Water helps with digestion and fights sodium and carb bloat.

8. Try yoga.
Yoga helps promote healthy eating habits and may help prevent emotional eating by reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

9. Develop a regular exercise routine.

10. Practice mindful eating.

In conclusion, it feels good to come back to our regular habits, and diet after the holidays. Do something that you enjoy so that you feel good about yourself.

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