Our brain health is very important to help us to prevent degenerative diseases such as; Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and others. That is something that we don’t think about until we are hit by a disease and quite often the disease develops long before the symptoms appear especially in Alzheimer’s.

We need to act when we are at a young age and change for new habits that will help us along the way.

Also, moderate stress like exercise or studying for a test is beneficial. It’s needed for a sharper and stronger brain. But too much-prolonged stress creates chaos in the brain.

As we use to say: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Here are some tips:

1. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and things you can’t do anything about.
Be relax and don’t take it personally
2. Find diversions to help you relax when you’re stressed.
Do things in a different manner.

3. Take a walk or a bath.
Meet new people and have fun. In addition, you can take a bath and relax.

4. Read a book or write a journal.
Take time for yourself, read and write a journal.

5. Listen to soothing music.
Whatever music you like and enjoy.

6. Talk to a friend.
Don’t stay alone take the phone and talk to your relatives or friends.

In conclusion, taking care of our brain is essential for our future and our children’s brain health so that taking good habits while we are young can help and even where we are at.

Have a wonderful week,

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