A few years ago, before discovering Shaklee, I used to have a few cleaning bottles for each use, such as the kitchen, toilet, floors, and windows, as you named them.

On top of it, the one I liked the most was ”  Pine-sol ” because of the smell, but in reality, clean does not have a smell. It is added in all products, so we think that clean has a smell, but it is not true.

Today, I know so many people with allergies that have developed since they were adults, which means that the effect must be environmental; why are we developing those allergies? Asthma is on the rise as well.

Also, young children have food allergies, which is skyrocketing; now, even at school, nobody can bring peanut butter and more, even if your child is not allergic.

Therefore, we must act on the environment and what we use in our homes. Because our home is the least safe place for our children because all the chemical products we use are almost sterile in our society.

Watch this interesting video on chemicals that can be harmful to our family.

Do you have some of these products under your sink?

These are not always safe for us and our planet. They contain the chemical compounds below.

Chlorine Bleach

This is the most frequently involved in household poisonings in the U.S.

Sodium Hydroxide

Found in: Dishwashing liquids, laundry products, oven cleaner, scouring cleaners, tub and tile cleaners.
Side effects: Inhalation is immediately irritating to the respiratory tract. Contact can cause severe damage to the eyes, skin, mouth, and throat and cause liver and kidney damage.

Hydrochloric Acid
Found in: odour eliminators and toilet bowl cleaners.
Side effects: Can cause severe damage to the skin. It can be harmful to health if inhaled and fatal if swallowed.

Butyl Cellosolve

Found in: Cleaning wipes, degreasers, floor polish, rug shampoos, toilet bowl cleaners.
Side effects: Can cause irritation and tissue damage from inhalation.

What to look for green & safe products.

They do not contain the following:

– Toxins                           –  Chlorine bleach
– Allergens                      –  Phosphates
– Harmful fumes
– Nitrates – Volatile organic cleaning compounds

How about fetuses and babies, are they affected?

According to scientific researchers, babies, children, and fetuses are at high risk of developing some defects while the brain and organs develop in their mother’s wombs.

Until adolescence, it is crucial that children are less exposed to those chemicals that can harm them because their bodies and brains are developing during this vital period.

Moreover, children live on the floor 24 hours a day and put everything in their mouth, and when they test for chemicals in their bodies, it might be positive because of the long exposure even before they were born.

In conclusion, in the end, we need to do our due diligence and ensure that we use safer products for our family and the planet.

To your health,


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