Being dehydrated can increase stress in your body and make you less efficient in your daily routine. It is crucial to recognize the symptoms before having more problems.


Our brain is 85% water, and if it becomes dehydrated, death is not far behind. Because of this, the brain controls water in the body and will take water it needs from other parts of the body.


Dehydration will make your blood thicker, making it harder for your heart to pump. Since it takes more effort to push your blood through your arteries, your blood pressure increases. Blood cells also become stickier, so they are more likely to clot.


Your kidneys require water to function. When you become dehydrated, they become overloaded with toxins and lose the ability to flush them. Because of this, your body loses its ability to clean your blood.


If your body has too little water, you may get constipated. When the intestines lack water, food moves slowly through them. That can cause you to become constipated. You can also suffer acid reflux, indigestion, or any type of ulcer. Water is necessary for the digestive tract; it can help dilute excessive digestive juices.

Ensure we drink enough water during the day, especially in the summertime. We must drink even if we are not thirsty. It is crucial if we want to keep ourselves healthy.

I drink a lot myself during the day and stop around 8:00 pm, so I don’t go to the bathroom all night.
Find your own schedule and how you incorporate it into your day.

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