There many sources of calcium that we don’t think about. For instance, it is not only in dairy products but in various foods.

Here are some other sources:

1. Kale –
One cup of cooked kale packs 177 mg of calcium, while one raw cup delivers 53 mg.
2. Bok Choy –
Also known as Chinese cabbage, 1 cup of raw bok choy contains 74 mg of calcium, while one cooked cup offers 158 mg. 

3. Broccoli –
One cup of chopped raw broccoli packs 43 mg of calcium. You get almost twice the calcium when you cook it.
4. Sesame seeds –
Just two tablespoons (1 oz) of toasted sesame seeds packs 280 mg of calcium.
5. Chia seeds –
An ounce of chia seeds delivers 179 mg of calcium. 

6. Almonds –
One serving or roughly 1/4 cup of almonds packs 100 mg of calcium. 

7. Orange juice –
One cup of orange juice delivers roughly 350 mg of calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and even potassium.

It is very important to have calcium from different foods not only dairy foods, but balance is also the key to everything in life.

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