When we say vitamin C, we think of oranges first. But did you know that a lot of fruits and veggies pack more than 70 mg of vitamin C a medium-sized orange has? That means we have a few choices of foods to choose from.

Check out this list:

1. Strawberries
– A cup of strawberries packs 85 mg of vitamin C and a hefty dose of manganese known to keep blood sugar stable.

2. Pineapple
– Pineapple contains 79 mg of vitamin C per cup and a significant amount of bromelain, an enzyme that helps protein digestion.

3. Mango
– Mangos contain 122 mg of vitamin C per fruit and are also a great source of zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that helps keep your eyes healthy.

4. Guava
– Just one fruit of this tropical treat delivers over 200% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

5. Bell Peppers
– All bell peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges, ranging from 95 mg in a green to 341 mg in a yellow.

6. Peaches
– A medium-sized peach contains 138 mg of vitamin C.

7. Papaya
– One small fruit packs 95 mg of vitamin C.

8. Japanese Mustard Spinach
– Just a cup of this spicy green provides more than four times with the recommended daily intake of vitamin C at 195 mg.

9. Broccoli
– A cup of raw, chopped broccoli packs 81 mg of vitamin C and loads of vitamin K

10. Tomato juice
– Get 170 mg of vitamin C with just a cup plus a good dose of vitamin A and potassium.

In the end, we have a variety of fruits and vegetables that we can eat to increase our Vitamin C intake on this new beginning of 2020!

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