We all know that Winter is at our door and we need to get ready for it.

Our body is under a lot of stress and sometimes we don’t eat enough foods
and good nutrients to fight during the cold season. Not to mention that our
foods have been depleted with all the transformations and chemicals added
in the field before the harvest. Today we are not sure what we have in our plate
when we eat unless we buy fruits and vegetables from farmers that we know
how they grow their foods.
That is why we can introduce some supplements to our diet and make sure
we get our immune system busted all year round not only in the Winter.
Because everywhere we go we get vulnerable to microbes especially our
children who  go to kindergarten everyday and babies who put all objects
they found in their mouth. It is crucial that we help them to have their
immune system stronger so they don’t get sick all the time.
Besides there are some factors that can influence our immune system:

.  Environment
.  With age our immune system is decreasing
.  Stress plays a role as well
What to do to have a better immune system?
– Wash our hands whenever needed
– Increase our sleep
– Exercises
– Yearly take supplements
– Take vitamin C,  before having symptoms also take enough protein, Iron, zinc,
                            copper, and magnesium.
Prevention is better than cure.
Have a wonderful Winter time.

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