Back in January 1999, I went downhill skiing every Wednesday with my friend; we loved it because it was FREE for women on Wednesdays. Of course, we talked a bit about work as two nurses do. We like free stuff.

Previously, I had told my friend MANY times ( 18 years )that I would like to go to Vancouver to learn English because I once visited and fell in love with the city that was my first choice.

As we were resting in the chalet, my friend never said anything about telling me that I wanted to go to learn English over and over. It has been 18 years since I said the same story.

That morning, I think that the Universe was aligned with me; as I was telling Linda that I wanted to go to learn English AGAIN, she stopped me that time and declared in a firm but friendly way:  ” Are you going to stop saying it and just do it? ” That was it. It resonated so strongly that I was rejoicing and thought it would be possible after all.

However, It took me 18 years to make a decision. I had all excuses; I had to take care of my mom and didn’t want to go for a year. At this point, my mother had passed away 5 years ago, so there were no excuses.

It was in January, on a cold day, that I said to myself: “ you are going to think about yourself as of now. ”  Time for preparation; I made some arrangements at work and asked for leaving of absence for a year, sold my house in 2 weeks and stayed at my sister’s place for 3 months before my departure. I was so excited and thrilled to start my new adventure.

Then, the big day arrived on September 20th, 1999; I said my goodbyes to my friend who was with me at the airport because my sister did not want to come. It was the first time we would be away from each other for an extended time. It was that moment that I could skip, but I had to do it, crying and hugging each other It was an emotional day that I will never forget.

Three weeks had passed, and my adventure was unfolding nicely but not easily. One day I was walking in Stanley Park, which I liked, and suddenly I did not like it!!!!! Anymore! The moment the plane took off, I felt light and relieved from the stress the day before.

What’s going on with you?????? I asked.

Standley Park, Vancouver, BC

Gaétane, you chose to come here and now want to give up after 3 weeks! No way, that’s not me. It took a few seconds to change my attitude for the best. At this precious moment, I told myself, “you need to change your ATTITUDE,” and I started enjoying my stay and loved it.

In life and business, everything is a matter of attitude and choice. You can decide for yourself; nobody else can’t.

Moreover, I would not be writing my blog in the language of Shakespeare, which I love! Don’t wait long to decide because you miss all opportunities to live your life to the fullest.

Thank you for reading, and let’s connect!

Gaétane Ferland

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