How to be polite and professional!

Have you had to answer somebody who is asking you to make an appointment to show you a business opportunity or products they are selling? It is happening frequently especially if you meet business people in Network Marketing events or others.

In the beginning, when I started my business in Massage Therapy I was asked so many times the same question over and over!!!!!!  Would you have a few minutes I could show you an opportunity? I used to say:  what is it? And they were saying: I will tell you when we get together.

To tell you the truth I did not like that answer but I did not know at the time so that I was saying ” yes ”

Some tips that I learned along the way.

Since I started in Network Marketing in 2009, I learned a few valuable lessons.

1 – First, how to answer in a polite and professional way?

I used to be straightforward and say ” yes” or ” No” but obviously when you say ” no ” you need to say it in a nice way.

For instance, ” I am not interested in your opportunity” my coach used to say Gaétane you have to be more polite in approaching people.

Instead, you may say:  ” Right now I am in a process of doing another business but If I have somebody who is looking for your opportunity it will be a pleasure to give your Information, thank you “.

You don’t say that you are not interested in them and it is more friendly and less offending. You will find the right way to say it.

2 – Tell the truth!

I think that today It is changing before people were not telling you what company they were in so you didn’t know, but according to them It was easier to make an appointment!!!!! Not so sure about it!

After an event, I accepted to meet a person at the Second Cup and I knew that it was a Network Marketing company but I wanted to know what it was. Because people approach you the same way so after a while you can guess.

Then I entered the coffee shop and sat with a lady but there was another one with more experienced sitting at the table beside us, what a coincidence you may say! After a few minutes, I realized that we were with the same company!

A few years later, one of my friends called me one day to make an appointment with a person who is going to show me an opportunity. I told my friend directly this time and said: ” If you don’t tell me the name of the company I don’t make an appointment. ”

Guess what, I was in the same company. She was refusing to tell me because her up-line did not want her to say it but I was insisting because I knew her.

Telling the truth is always the best way to go in my opinion but I noticed that people are changing the way they approach their prospects, nowadays.
In June 2020, I found a group of a global entrepreneurial community that is teaching you how to speak to people and now especially in social media which is very important. Today, I learned to engage and speak with people which is an essential skill to possess in business.

3 – Do not depreciate other companies

In the first company that I was in, people were mostly talking about other companies they had tried. Such as they don’t have good products, it is a poor company, etc. I could not believe it especially when it is coming from the leader of the group!!!!

We were meeting every Monday morning and each time people were bad-mouthing one of the other companies and I did not agree with that. I did not say it at the time but I wish I did. A few months later I left and it was one of the reasons.

In my opinion, each company on the market has good products to offer otherwise they would not be on the market. Be respectful of those companies and persons because denigrating companies is not a sign of strong leadership and respect.

In conclusion, being polite and professional always pays off in many parts of our life. Also, I found for myself that telling the truth is much easier than hiding something and creating in your mind all possible scenarios that don’t even exist!

Be appreciative and thankful for others that pass through your life and learn something from them instead.

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