We can choose from many brands; they all say they’re the best.

I don’t know about you, but I have heard that statement repeatedly. Today, we have many companies up there ready to sell their good products; how am I going to make the right choice is the question. Even I get lost with all those brands sometimes.

Of course, we want to spend our money wisely and get the most for our money.

Also, we need to ask the right questions.

 How are they absorbed in our blood?

Our supplements must be absorbed and assimilated into the

right place in the body and available to the cells. Has the company done peer-reviewed research on their products?

Peer review means they have unbiased research vs. advertising research where someone has been paid to publish your search, like in a journal.

Is the formula balanced?

In the formula, all the nutrients need to be balanced; otherwise, they won’t work effectively.

Do they have sugars, artificial colouring, or sweeteners being used?

Check out the labels carefully because they are expected to use artificial colouring and sweeteners.

Are all vitamins coated or not?

Anything we take by mouth has to go through our digestive system. Some of the vitamins need to be coated because the influence of the acid in the stomach can make them ineffective. Each of the vitamins taken goes where it has to be absorbed.

Extracted process and preservation 100%  as found in nature.

We can look at the process they have used to extract them and keep all their properties for the best absorption.

Are they made in a cool system or not to preserve nutrients?

We all know that the cooling process is the best to keep all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients as intact as possible; otherwise, they can be lost in a heating process.

What is on the label =  What is in the product?

The quality of the products is the key to quality control. When people do the research, sometimes they find that what is on the label and in the product can be different. That is why we must be careful before buying any vitamins or food supplements.

To conclude, I think each of us must do our due diligence before buying some supplements. It is up to us to ask questions about the company and not only rely on what our friends tell us but trust ourselves where we have to go to find the right ones.

My recommendation would be to start with a multi-vitamins and go from there, it is what I started with and I am happy because my health is improving every day.

Have a good health!


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