It is essential to know if we are well hydrated, especially in the Summer.
If your urine is a dark orange, you don’t drink enough. However, clear yellow urine means that you drink enough.

Some benefits of staying hydrated are:

1-Improved elimination of toxins
2-Improve digestion
3-Weight management
4-Improved athletic performance
5-Increased your energy levels
6-Enhanced anti-aging effect on the skin

We need to have a heart and kidneys functioning well to ensure the water is absorbed correctly, not in excess.


Some signs are headaches, dry skin, and dizziness. ( headaches were, for me, a signal)

Drink filtered water

Ensure that you have a system that will filtrate the water from unwanted chemicals and toxins.

Drink Herbal tea

Nowadays, we have so many choices to choose from, digestion, sleep, and congestion. Ginger tea, camomille. Peppermint etc.

Add Electrolytes

It helps you quickly absorb the water into the cell, especially in the Summer, but I like to take it all year long.

It is up to us to make sure that we are well hydrated and for the children and elderly people who sometimes don’t like to drink. We need to encourage them to do so.

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