When you have a well-balanced diet accompanied by the use of proper supplements, you have one incredibly potent immune system that allows you to enjoy life happier and disease-proof.

1. Probiotics – These microorganisms protect the colon and strengthen the immune system. They thrive in various places in the body, helping keep the natural balance of good and opportunistic microorganisms.

2. Garlic – Helps reduce bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, and has the unique ability to fight fungi, bacteria, and viruses – all thanks to its active ingredient, allicin.

3. Alfalfa – Alfalfa is a power-packed herb that contains cell-building vitamins like vitamins A, C, E, and K; plus energy-releasing minerals like calcium and potassium.

4. Zinc – Helps eradicate a wide array of infections, from diarrhea to pneumonia to cancer and is proven to lessen the severity of flu and colds.

5. Echinacea – Encourages the immune system to produce more WBCs, which keeps the body better protected from the first sign of illness. It is effective against many bacterial and viral strains, including cold and flu.

6. Vitamin C – The antioxidants in Vitamin C help support your immune system by combating free radicals that cause cell destruction. They also help build new tissues and cells.

This is something to consider but do your own due diligence before making a decision to take supplements or not. Go to some natural stores, ask questions and read to increase your knowledge of your general health.

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