Nowadays, the competition is high for online business. We need to be creative to find a way for people to find us in that mare of social media so that we have so many network marketing businesses up there. How are we differentiate ourselves is the key.

Although, we can do it in a traditional way and nothing wrong with that, we have to create new ways to promote our businesses.

There are 7 things to consider:

Here are 7 key things to consider:

1. It is simple and easy to duplicate
2. It has a lead capture page that filters people
3. It allows you to build a relationship with your prospects
4. It allows you to do live online presentations
5. It allows you to focus on teaching vs selling and recruiting
6. It is designed so you can attract people vs chasing them
7. It offers free live coaching and support so you’ll know how to use it

In conclusion,  look around to find the right system for you to advance in your business. The more ways we allow people to find us the better it is.

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